Today’s been massive, already, if you’re and Australian M83 fan.

St. Jerome.s Laneway tickets went on sale this morning—a 50 minute wait that saw me slowly descend into melancholy, then abruptly become ecstatic after that order selection screen appeared, and ended when I punched my ticket to seeing Mr. Gonzalez, amongst the other incredible artists heading to Laneway.

Then finally M83’s sixth installment, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, hit stores and the net. This wasn’t as exciting considering it leaked back in August, but still,I feel better listening to it now and will feel even better when I buy it later today. It’s just like a dream, a fucking epic dream.

And, to coincide with the album’s release, the official video of the lead single, ‘Midnight City’, hit Youtube.

It blew my fucking mind. I haven’t felt more emotion from a video clip ever. Seeing those kids with their crazy eyes and super powers liberate themselves from the clutches of men garbed in pale lime scrubs, and taste freedom just forced me back in my chair. And the ending! Combining all that, forcing the sun to set. Arrrgghhh!

Everything about it is perfect for the feel of the song. From the kids to the setting to the cinematography. It’d be incredible if he’d make videos like this for every song on the album. But that’s wishful dreaming.