Everybody, it’s OK. We can relax. Big Papi ain’t goin’ nowhere, no how.

Image credit: Popcrunch

The six-time Edgar Martinez Outstanding Designated Hitter Award recipient accepted Boston’s offer of arbitration at some point between Wednesday’s midnight deadline. He made something like $12.5 million on 2011, so he’s looking at a raise to maybe $14 or $15 million next year. He effing deserves it. There aren’t any other DHs going around. Well, anyone who can legitimately call themselves a DH.

It sucks that he hasn’t currently received what his huge heart desires—security to finish his career in Beantown and the cash he deserves—but hopefully they can work out an extension before the season kicks off. The main thing is we have Papi back to strike terror into every pitcher in the MLB and, with a healthy lineup of non-flakers, a contending team. Hurrah!


Where does that leave the Captain?