OK. So. Right. Resolutions.

The last time I went out of my way to make a one-off, yearlong promise was back in 2002. I pledged to kiss more girls in the coming year than I did the year prior. Obviously my pubescent, 14 year old self had his priorities in proper order. (Growing five inches over summer kind of helped the cause). What could be more important in life than a sweet pash? (see Richards, Tim. ‘The fiction consultant’, Letters to Francesca. Allen & Unwin: St. Leonards, 1996.) Mmmm.

The decade between then and now has given way to a bit of maturity, making me think that a solid resolution, an attainable resolution—perhaps even more than one—could be a real benefit to life and, even more so, to writing.

So, after some thinking, between work and play and more work, I’ve come up with three resolutions of varying attainability:

Write and write often.

This one resulted from a sort of pep talk from a work friend, Micah, who takes scribbling seriously. He told me to get into a routine, writing everyday for a period of time. It doesn’t matter what’s written, just write, you fool! Now, I plan to put aside an hour or two per day to just tap and scribble. It seems easy. The hard part will be forcing myself to sit there and do it. I’m hoping the routine does wonders for me.


This one’s a little more difficult to accomplish. I had an internship last year but it didn’t really work out. Oh well. Man was made but from clay. So considering work life has regained some form of its pre-holidays normality, it’s time to find another one, find something to fill those days between working nights. Having some experienced is an advantage. Yet the thought of writing so many emails, saying almost the same thing in different ways, catering to each publication/website, is daunting. Buck up, Horne. You have to do it.

This resolution could work out faster than I hope but, then, it could take an age. Fingers crossed.


Ah, leave the difficult one to last. Getting published is, by far and away, even farther than home, the hardest yet most rewarding resolution I have for this year. See now I have this problem: I can write short pieces (500 words) and long pieces (7000-10000 words). That elusive nymph that is the ‘short story’ does not grace me with its presence all that often, which is a dilemma. There are so many places to send short fiction in Melbourne and on the interweb, so I suppose this resolution is two-fold: learn to write short fiction and try to get published. Yes, that makes a little more sense. Yes.


Number one has been in full swing for perhaps 48 hours and I’m feeling good about it—and this post totally counts. Wait, I shouldn’t think about it like that. That kind of makes it a chore, a quota to fill, or a job to finish. No, I’ll write something else today just to put my mind at rest and be satisfied. Yes.




P.S. A good pash is still something to hope for. Yes, ma’am.