• Are we sacrificing the opportunity to be hedonistic because of the Internet? This guy thinks we might be. Maybe. But, fuck it, just do both.


  • Some books are banned for obvious reasons—The Satanic Verses, Lolita, et al. So here’s a list of books banned for reasons not that obvious.


  • OK, so you have ideas all the time. They could be genius or outrageously bad. The trick is to filter the epiphanically (is that even a word?) good from the lame. Jonah Lehrer explains.







  • Once again, the government, the media and Victorian Police have overreacted on Invasion Day. I can’t be bothered linking to any articles mentioning her but Margaret Court sucks.
[Aside: Season 6 Episode 3 of 30 Rock is fucking hilarious. The return of Devon Banks (Jack: ‘You can watch me shower but no touching.’ Devon: ‘No touching. That only makes it hotter’.)]