For the discerning gent and any ladies who like reading about discerning gents, here’s a review of Smith Journal.

Modern Vestiture

Ever wanted to live in a world where you could buy an Australian-based men’s magazine that wasn’t rife with overly photoshopped girls or products so far beyond your bank account you’d have to reinvent and patent the wheel just to buy them? Well, it turns out that world exists and has done so for almost a year now.

Smith Journal is a quarterly gentleman’s magazine (in every non-misogynistic sense of the word) set on bringing back tradition and seeking out the interesting. The brainchild of that talented bunch over at Frankie Press, this mag encapsulates the more classical side of male interests, as opposed to the ‘hot chicks and sick cars’ mantra of those other magazines (OK, that was a bit mean but you get the idea; FHM, Zoo, I’m looking at you) that stare up at you with a masculine self-confidence from racks in…

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